Benefits of sauna: 4 important benefits of sauna

The benefits of a sauna are many, but do you know what is the real one? What about its risks?

Benefits of sauna: 4 important benefits of sauna

The benefits of the sauna, where the use of the sauna began in ancient times and continues to this day, it has become more common during the past recent years, so a gym is almost devoid of a sauna, so what are the benefits of the sauna? Does its use involve some harm? Details are in the following:

Health benefits of sauna

Benefits of the sauna, regardless of the method of heating the sauna room and the percentage of humidity in it, its effect on the body is similar, and the benefits of the sauna are as follows:

1. Stimulate blood circulation

One of the benefits of the sauna is that it activates and increases the flow of blood circulation, because during the sauna the heart rate rises, the blood vessels expand and the body temperature rises, all of which are sufficient to stimulate the blood circulation.

2. Relieve joint and muscle pain

Reducing joint and muscle pain and reducing arthritis pain, all of which result from increased blood circulation in the body.

3. Improve mood

Improving mood is one of the most prominent benefits of the sauna, due to the ability of the sauna to improve blood circulation as mentioned previously, and this also reduces stress and depression.

4. Contribute to reducing heart disease

A sauna may reduce the risk of heart disease. This is what was found in a Finnish study that targeted 2,315 men for more than 20 years. Using a sauna two to three times a week reduced the risk of dying from heart disease by about 22%.

Benefits of the sauna It should be noted that the use of the sauna is similar to moderate exercise, as the heart rate rises to 150 beats per minute while using the sauna, so that a greater amount of blood is pumped to the body, just like that resulting from moderate exercise.

Myths about the benefits of a sauna

Although there are some benefits to using a sauna, some of them are just myths, and they include:

1. Using a sauna detoxes your body

Although the body sweats more than usual in the sauna, there is no scientific evidence yet to indicate that this sweating rids the body of toxins.

2. Using a sauna helps in losing weight

This is logical because the body loses fluids but not fats, as the feeling of losing some weight immediately after using the sauna means that the weight will return to normal after eating or drinking on the same day.

Possible dangers of using a sauna

Not only are the benefits of a sauna but there may be some potential risks to its use. According to the American Heart Association, sauna use in moderation may be safe for most people, and the association indicates that it is not recommended to use cold water in swimming pools after a hot sauna, as this may raise blood pressure.

Here are some potential risks of using a sauna:

  1. Low blood pressure, so patients with low blood pressure should see a doctor before using a sauna.
  2. Dehydration, is one of the biggest potential risks associated with sauna use, of course, this depends on the period of sitting in the sauna and the amount of fluid lost from the body.
  3. Nausea and dizziness for some people, if the high temperature in the sauna room.

It may be possible to avoid these potential risks of using a sauna by following these steps:

  • Set a time for using the sauna, which does not exceed 20 minutes. As for people who have not used the sauna before, they should limit the time between 5-10 minutes only.
  • Drink plenty of water to make up for what is lost through sweating. It is recommended to drink two to four glasses of water after using the sauna.
  • Avoid using the sauna when sick.
  • Consult a physician before using a sauna by pregnant women or those with certain health problems.


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