Adolescence: a difficult period for children and parents

Do you have a teenage son? Are you looking for how to deal with it? Then you should follow the article to tell you about the most important details.

Adolescence: a difficult period for children and parents

It seems that humanity throughout its ages has not been preoccupied with any stage of human life as it has been preoccupied with the teenage generation, as this stage of life has received countless research and articles.

Let us know the following about the most important information about adolescence:

Facts and Expectations about Adolescence

Books have been written and films have been produced that talk about the characteristics of adolescence, and this is not in vain, as adolescence is the period that most affects the lives of adolescents before they become adults and are independent from their parents.

The fact that adolescence is the stage in which adolescents build their independent personalities makes it a very difficult period in everything related to their relationship with their parents.

Although it is a difficult period for both parties, as adolescents live in a period during which they believe that their parents do not understand them, and parents feel that their children are free from their control, it is the duty of every parent to know that adolescence will end.

When the adolescence period ends, the relationship between parents and teenage children will return to its previous state, and it will become good.

characteristics of general adolescence

The most important characteristics of adolescence are the following:

  • Adolescents are freed from their parents and their attachment to them, and although they are not yet financially independent, they do not feel their continued attachment to their parents, especially between the ages of ten and twelve, i.e. the period of adolescence.
  • Adolescents cease to be interested in the actions of their parents.
  • Staying away from the family and bringing them closer to their generation.
  • Their families do not participate in dialogue and conversation, given that they cannot understand what they are going through.
  • Adolescents go through a process of growth during which they begin to rebel against the authority of their parents, in order to develop an independent personality that proves its ability to face life's challenges.

Physical and psychological changes in Adolescence

Difficulties faced by adolescents and parents in adolescence are accompanied by a series of events that adolescents experience during this period, such as mood swings and excessive preoccupation with their external appearance. During this period:

  • Boys begin to take an interest in playing sports.
  • Many girls begin to suffer from various eating disorders.
  • Their perception of reality becomes supernatural, and they treat with contempt all that is not real and regard all that is old as unnecessary.

Adolescence and sexual identity

The period of adolescence is the same as the period of sexual puberty, which carries many physiological and social changes, and at this stage, it is noticed that the adolescent began to question more about these changes, so the parents should be close to their children at this stage in order to prevent the search for these changes from other means that may It leads to severe and negative results.

The Role of parents during adolescence

Adolescence for parents cannot be considered an easy period, as it is full of many dilemmas and changes.

On the one hand, parents feel insulted and angry at the behavior of their children, and on the other hand, they fear that their children will harm themselves or commit acts that they may regret in the future.

Opinions differ between parents and psychologists about the reactions of parents to the behavior of their children, and the arguments revolve around the degree of freedom that can be granted to adolescents when they reach adolescence. For example, when parents remember that they went through such a period and how much they wanted such freedom, they will realize well the following:

  • Their children may take advantage of this freedom in a negative way.
  • They may harm themselves and others.
  • Their children's inability to make sound decisions.
  • Their children's inability to take responsibility.

From here begins the suffering between the teenage son and his family members, but the parents must bear their children as much as possible and deal with them without nervousness, as despite their actions that the parents do not want, they need their parents in order to overcome the difficulties that they cannot overcome themselves.

Adolescents may sometimes not dare to ask their parents for help so as not to show their failure by acting on their own, and at other times they may seek help only when they reach a situation in which they have no other choice. The solution here can be by observing them without their realizing it during adolescence.


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