Remove nose fat with lemon

Remove nose fat with lemon

Blackheads and pimples may appear as a result of the accumulation of fat on the skin of the nose. In this article, we present ways to remove nose fat with lemon.

Remove nose fat with lemon

How do you lose nose fat fast?

There are many ways in which you can use lemon to remove nose fat, the most prominent of which are:


This method is one of the simplest ways to remove nose fat with lemon, just follow the following:

  • Mix two teaspoons of lemon juice with the same amount of water.
  • Apply it directly on the nose, leave it to dry, and wash it off.
  • You can add turmeric and make a paste and then apply it on the nose. Turmeric may help you get rid of the fat accumulated on the nose and pimples.

Lemon and honey mask

Applying a lemon and honey mask on the nose can contribute to reducing the accumulated fat on the nose. You can take the following steps to prepare the mask:

  • Add one tablespoon of lemon juice to one tablespoon of honey, and mix the mixture well until you get a paste.
  • Apply the mask on the nose after washing and drying it.
  • Leave the mask for twenty minutes on the nose until it dries completely, then wash it with cold water.

Lemon and sugar scrub

You can also remove fat using sugar and lemon with these steps:

  1. Mix two tablespoons of sugar with four tablespoons of lemon juice.
  2. Apply the scrub to your nose and start rubbing it in a circular motion.
  3. Rinse your nose after the scrub has dried, it may take up to 2 minutes.

How do you get rid of fat on your nose naturally?

Natural and home recipes are among the most suitable solutions that many women resort to save time and money and simply get rid of any problem, as natural recipes give excellent results and do not cause any harm to the skin, and these recipes do not cost people a lot of money because all of their ingredients are present in the home, and the most important recipes:

Apple cider vinegar and ginger

Ingredients for preparing the recipe:

  1. A teaspoon of toothpaste.
  2. One teaspoon of ginger powder.
  3. Apple cider vinegar.

How to prepare the recipe:

  • Mix the ginger powder with some water to make a smooth paste.
  • Add the toothpaste and apply this mixture to your nose evenly.
  • Leave it on for 15 minutes (not more than that).
  • The face is washed with cold water.
  • Now dip a cotton swab in apple cider vinegar and use it to wipe your nose.
  • Rinse your nose with cold water.


Note: Repeat this process every day tirelessly until you get the desired results and if done regularly, you will notice the difference in just 10 days. This mixture will give you a slight burning sensation, and if it is intolerable for you, wash it immediately and avoid any contact with the area Eye, try this home remedy and make nose fat thinner naturally.

The reason this works is that ginger is known to burn fat naturally, and since ginger is a natural fat burner, this method can only be used on fat and fleshy noses and cannot be used to alter the shape of cartilage.

What causes fat nose?

On the nose, there are many sebaceous glands that secrete sebum, and since the nose contains pores of a larger size than others, the activity and secretion of sebum from those glands on the nose are more than in other places. The importance of these fats is to provide hydration, prevent dehydration, and protect the skin from external influences. But the secretion of fat may occur in some, causing fat and blackheads on the nose.

Among the most important causes of excess nasal fat are the following:

  • Existence in hot and humid weather, as these conditions are considered a catalyst for the secretion of more sebum from the sebaceous glands.
  • Hormonal changes during adolescence, menstruation, taking birth control pills, and ovulation. Men also have more oily skin than women because of testosterone, which leads to more sebum production.
  • Following a wrong skin routine by not moisturizing it sufficiently, leads to dryness; Thus, as a reaction, the secretion of fat on the nose and face increases.
  • Deep cleansing of the face using hot water, leads to loss of facial moisture and thus as a reaction increases the secretion of fat.
  • Most of the causes of nose fat come from external factors, but the presence of a genetic factor - within some individuals causing the presence of larger pores than others - is also one of the reasons.

To prevent the accumulation of fat on the nose, it is recommended to follow the following:

  1. Washing the face daily using a skin cleanser suitable for its type.
  2. Use moisturizer and toner after cleansing, to maintain skin moisture and reduce pore size.
  3. Avoid wearing heavy makeup.
  4. Remove makeup before bed.
  5. Use oil-free makeup and creams to prevent the appearance of extra shine on the face.
  6. Exfoliate the skin regularly.
  7. Avoid strong and harsh products on the skin.

Nasal fat that does not respond to the daily skincare routine can be treated as follows:

  • Dermabrasion: the dead cells are mechanically scraped off.
  • Chemical skin peeling: Exfoliates dead skin and sebum with chemical acids.
  • Medicinal creams and pills prescribed by a doctor.

It is recommended to see a specialist doctor to find out what are the causes of excess nasal fat and to find an appropriate treatment method for it.

As for the fall accident and its effect on the nose, please see a doctor and conduct the necessary clinical examinations to determine whether there is a health problem that must be addressed or not.

The benefits of lemon for the skin of the nose and skin

Here are the most prominent benefits of lemon for the skin and the skin of the nose:

  • Lemon juice contains citric acid that stimulates the skin to balance and control oil production in the skin.
  • The acid in lemon kills harmful acne-causing bacteria.
  • Lemon contains antioxidants, which help remove toxins and fats from the skin, and reduce pimples, acne, and wrinkles.
  • Lemon contains acids that naturally lighten the skin.
  • Lemon has natural exfoliating properties, which will contribute to 
  • removing excess oil from the skin. 

Cautions and tips for removing nose fat with lemon

Lemon may cause some side effects when applied directly to the skin due to its acidity, including:

  1. Skin irritation, pimples, acne, dryness, scaling, and redness.
  2. Increased sensitivity to the sun.
  3. High risk of vitiligo and sunburn.

Tips to avoid the dangers of applying lemon to the nose

It is worth noting that you can avoid these risks if you follow the following tips:

  • Never apply lemon juice directly to the skin of the nose or cuticles. Always use it after diluting it with water, or other ingredients such as rose water or aloe vera gel.
  • Do a patch test before applying lemon to your nose, to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction to the lemon.
  • Don't do patch tests on parts of the face, so use your hand or arm.
  • Don't keep applying lemon on your nose for more than half an hour.
  • Avoid removing nose fat with lemon if you develop a rash, redness, or irritation, and consult a doctor about your symptoms.

Lemon alternatives to remove nose fat

After you got acquainted with the most prominent ways to remove nose fat with lemon, here are alternatives to lemon to remove nose fat that you can use if you are allergic to lemon:

  • Honey: Honey prevents the accumulation of fat on the nose, and removes it if it is already present.
  • Yogurt: It increases the softness of the skin of the nose, and reduces the fat on it.
  • Sandalwood powder: gives you glowing and smooth skin, and helps in getting rid of excess sebum.


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