What problems do we face when we are losing weight?

It may be tempting to lose extra kilograms within days or a short period, but it is not healthy, so what are the reasons for losing weight? And what are its risks?

What problems do we face when we are losing weight?

What is the problem when you lose weight?

Weight loss may also lead to vitamin B deficiency, which causes anemia, or iron deficiency, which leads to a feeling of coldness and a problem in regulating body temperature.

What happens to your face when you lose a lot of weight?

Sagging face after weight loss

Whether weight loss occurs as a result of following a diet and exercise, or after obesity surgery, this weight loss leads to sagging of the skin of the body in general and also leads to sagging of the face. One of the causes of premature facial sagging is weight loss if this weight loss occurs early in a person's life.

Skin sagging occurs after dieting or after severe weight loss as a result of several reasons, the first of which is that the skin is stretched to accommodate the fat and tissues underneath it before losing weight, and with dieting or weight loss surgery, these tissues disappear or decrease, so the skin over it becomes more than it should be, which leads to It will sag if it does not have enough flexibility to shrink again. 

The second reason is that following a diet to lose weight usually includes abstaining from consuming fats, which leads to a negative impact on skin elasticity, as some fats such as omega-3 and omega-6 are very necessary to maintain and enhance skin elasticity.

What is the biggest problem for weight loss?

Weight loss problems?
There are several reasons for losing weight, including what is physical, and may be psychological at times, and the most important reasons for unjustified weight loss include the following:

  1. getting cancer.
  2. Hyperthyroidism.
  3. Anxiety and depression.
  4. malabsorption syndrome.
  5. Side effects of some medicines.
  6. Other causes of unexplained weight loss.

Can losing weight have side effects?

Rapid weight loss by eating fewer calories slows down the body's metabolism, and the explanation for this is that rapid weight loss leads to muscle loss and a decrease in the level of hormones that regulate metabolism, such as thyroid hormone, and this slowdown may continue in the body's metabolism. metabolism for a long time even after the end of the diet.

Does your body shape change when you lose weight

If you have a pear-shaped body frame, you will maintain the same smaller body frame after losing weight, but remember that fat cells do not disappear, if you increase your calories, you will gain weight again.

weight loss mistakes beginners make

There are 3 prominent mistakes in this context, which are as follows:

  • Skip meals.
  • Excessive calorie restriction.
  • Surrender with slow results.

Psychological effects of losing weight

Other symptoms of stress that may cause weight loss include headache, indigestion, sporadic aches and pains, muscle tension, mood changes, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, short-term memory difficulties, increased heart rate, and decreased sex.

Food to avoid to lose weight very quickly

  • Eggs are a rich source of protein, which helps to reduce the feeling of hunger for long hours, in addition to their active role in building and strengthening the muscles of the body, so eggs are among the foods allowed for breakfast during the diet.
  • Grapefruit.
  • Chia seeds.
  • salmon.

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