How to include walking in your daily routine

Walking is a simple matter to follow as a sport to lose excess weight, as all you need is a pair of sports shoes that may help you walk for a long time. In this article, you will learn how you can turn your simple daily walk into a regular sport practiced by healthy people with every activity they envy.

How to include walking in your daily routine?

Is walking a daily routine?

Beginning to exercise walking:

Everyone is thinking about how to start exercising, and the most difficult decision is to start exercising on a regular basis. If you are an inactive person, you should start walking three times a week, taking a walk for twenty minutes, and research says that through continuous work, you can reach five times a week and increase the duration Also, to become thirty minutes, which is equivalent to two and a half to three hours per week.

Walking exercise

Some may focus on choosing the time and distance when you start walking, while others target time, but in the end, if you can walk five miles and take five hours a week to do it, then you are at a decent level of speed and if you reach this point After that, you should pay attention to your heart rate and that it is not much more than the normal rate by measuring your heart rate after you finish exercising and to return to the normal rate after five minutes of exercising.

Test your physical fitness

Some research indicates that the speech test can be used during the exercise of walking. If you can collect a series of words between six to eight words continuously while talking or singing while you are in an area full of air, then you have gained good physical fitness, and the more words This indicates an improvement in your health and fitness.

Four ways to keep walking

  1. Increase the number of your daily steps little by little until you reach ten thousand daily steps.
  2. Maintain regular walking and make it enjoyable. You can motivate yourself by going to see the beach, wandering between shops, or even buying a magazine you like online, for example, from a far place.
  3. You can use your friends to entertain you while walking so that you increase your daily steps and enjoy health and vitality.
  4. For example, participating in a walking race may help give you a goal to turn walking into a regular sport.

Make walking more challenging

If you are already fit, you should intensify one of the following:

It is always said that walking is faster than transportation. 

Walking is the simplest way to reach the place you want without having to ride a car, especially if it is near your home.

You may want to try walking in a race to burn more calories, as walking fast in four miles burns three hundred and thirty-four calories, and just walking at three miles per hour burns two hundred and twenty-one calories, according to studies.

You have to remember that the more you move your hand while walking, the faster you will go.

If you can walk fast and climb high stairs, you do not need to use a treadmill.

Changing the surface you are walking on increases your speed, such as walking between rocks, walking on sand, and even walking on grass.

To use the muscles of the upper part of your body, you can carry a bag on your back and walk on sand and water to get more muscles and increase the number of your heartbeat, becoming more healthy and fit.

Eight pedestrian safety tips

For your safety when walking outdoors, the following rules must be taken into account:
  • Walk with friends whenever possible.
  • You carry your personal card, which contains all your data.
  • You must be careful if you are a diabetic or suffer from allergies, you should always carry your medicine with you and also some sweets.
  • Put your phone in your pocket, preferably with the phone numbers of your friends.
  • Avoid walking in deserted or dark streets.
  • There is no need to use headphones while walking with a loud sound that deafens you from hearing what is around you.
  • You can wear phosphorescent clothes so that others can see you clearly if you are walking at night.
  • You can carry a whistle to call others in case of an emergency.

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