Strengthen focus and memory the natural way

Strengthen focus and memory in a natural way

If you suffer from a lack of focus and the inability to remember the most important daily tasks that you must do, or you cannot remember important events, or you cannot complete your daily tasks with concentration, here are the most important and powerful alternative medicine foods that will help you completely eliminate the problem Forgetfulness and lack of focus. In this article, we will learn how to strengthen focus and memory the natural way.

Strengthen focus and memory

Foods that help increase focus and memory


Such as the camel's eye, which helps to increase brain activity, focus, and memory and protect brain cells from the factors of aging.


Fish is rich in omega-3, and of course, this substance is undoubtedly one of the most important substances that help increase activity, improve concentration, increase cognitive ability, strengthen memory, and protect against Alzheimer's disease, so you should eat fish or salmon once a week to get all the nutrients you need. These are great benefits.

Dark chocolate

Like coffee, dark chocolate is rich in caffeine, which in turn is a stimulant for the nervous system.


A banana, before entering a test or exam, will help you a lot to focus and provide you with energy, because it is rich in potassium, which is useful for the brain and nervous system.


Avocado is one of the fruits that helps increase blood flow to the brain and thus helps the brain to perform its functions better.


Studies have shown that blueberries protect the brain from many harmful substances, and protect brain cells from the effects of aging.


It is known that carrots strengthen eyesight, but did you know that it also strengthens memory? Yes, it increases focus and protects memory from influencing factors such as aging.


Especially boiled eggs, because they contain an important nutrient, which is “choline”, which studies have proven effective in helping the brain focus.

Olive oil

One of the most used oils in our daily lives is olive oil because of its wonderful and indispensable benefits, and you can add olive oil to your food to get a stronger memory and higher concentration.

Herbs and drinks that help increase focus and memory


Ginseng is one of the herbs considered by alternative medicine to have multiple benefits, including its effect on memory and focus.


This plant helps treat Alzheimer's disease and memory loss.


A cup of coffee in the morning helps you wake up and do your work, not only that, but it also helps increase your attention and mental ability and raise your level of concentration so that you can start your day with the utmost activity and vitality.

Green tea

In the event that you had a cup of coffee in the morning and needed more focus in the middle of the day, you can have a cup of green tea as an alternative to coffee, because it contains caffeine and theanine that help focus.

Dairy products

It is recommended to eat a glass of milk daily because milk is rich in protein, vitamins, and all the nutrients that the body needs, and therefore it is very useful for improving brain functions such as concentration and memory.


Green spinach leaves are rich in vitamin E, which improves brain function and protects brain tissue from damage.

Food supplements and vitamins to increase focus and memory

Omega 3

An ingredient that is very important to improve focus, you can buy it easily from the pharmacy in the form of a food supplement and take it daily to restore vitality and activity

Vitamin B1

Or " thiamine ", a vitamin whose deficiency leads to poor memory and lack of focus.

Healthy ways and tips to improve your lifestyle and increase your focus and memory

  • Make sure to eat breakfast: Studies have proven that those who eat a healthy, integrated breakfast are more active, energetic, and focused than those who do not, so breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

  • Exercising: As it helps to revitalize the body as well as the mind, the simplest home exercise or running for simple distances can help you raise the percentage of concentration.

  • Eating healthy meals: One of the most important healthy habits is to eat light, but integrated meals. Excessive eating is unhealthy and also has a negative effect on focus.

  • Sleep regulation: You must get enough sleep to help the brain rest and thus perform its functions efficiently.

  • Take notes: If you suffer from distraction and inability to focus, you can always write notes or information that you want to remember.

  • Minimize the use of earphones: Although the earphones that you use during your day eliminate the noise in your surroundings, they increase your distraction and lose you the ability to focus easily.


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